The idea for RankSecure was seeded when we lost a Pen Drive containing important Data.

RankSecure is a part of Rank Computers Pvt Ltd, a reputed 30 year old company in the IT industry.

RankSecure is the Indian partner of DataLocker, one of the best companies in the USA for supplying encrypted hardware devices & solutions.

The seed for RankSecure was planted when we lost a pen drive containing important information. And try as we would, we could not find it.

After rigorously searching for very stressful two days,  we gave up.  A few days later, we accidentally came across the drive lying somewhere under a pile of papers.

We were relieved as the drive contained important information and we could not afford to let the data fall into wrong hands.

That’s when it struck us that a lot of other people would have faced similar issues and that we should do something about it so that others don’t have to go thru the same pain as we did.

And that’s how DataLocker came to India.