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Why You’re Not Safe From CyberAttacks

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There are a number of reasons you’re not safe from Cybercriminals and can be victims of CyberAttacks right now. To know what these reasons are, and to prevent them, read on.


 1) Password: A password is essential for all your online accounts, as well as your devices. This not only prevents someone from getting access to your personal information, and prevents cyber attacks to an extent. However, if your password is weak, you are exposing your information to cybercriminals as well as your own family members and friends, who could easily guess your weak password. Be safe, click here to learn how to keep strong passwords, as well as keep them out of anyone’s reach.


2) Sharing Information: One of the reasons a lot of people become victims to cyberattacks is because they share their personal details openly with their family members. Also, people fall for scam calls made by people pretending to be from your bank.

Therefore, prevent sharing information over the telephone, email, etc. If you have to share credit card details or other such delicate details, share it only with the most trustworthy people you know. This will minimize your risks. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


3) Public Services: Public services such as free Wifi in the coffee shop or public computers should be avoided. If you have to connect to them, there is always an option in Windows to select it as a public network:



This will keep your device safe to some extent.

If you have to use a public computer, then make sure that you don’t log into any personal accounts through that computer, no matter what happens. That’s the only way to make sure your online data is safe from hacking.

Believe it or not, even after you log out of the public computer, your password can be retrieved from the computer.


4) Illegal: Downloading illegal/pirated content from the internet can be harmful. Often, these files downloaded from unknown sites contain malware that can track your activity and can report it, and can also help hackers access your files remotely without your information.

In fact, you might have malware in your computer right now.

Porn Sites may not be illegal, but visiting unknown or random sites of such sort expose you to the risk of malware and hacking. Thus, such sites should be prevented.


5) Installations:

There are some applications you should install, and some you shouldn’t.

When installing an application:

-Prevent installing applications from an unknown site.

-Check the conditions and permissions, which all of us usually ignore. Surprisingly, a lot of applications will unnecessarily take permissions for camera and microphone access, when it is completely unrelated to the application’s purpose, and unnecessary. The camera and microphone is used by such applications to collect information and sell this information to concerned companies.


It is very important to install a malware protection software from its original website, which will protect your computer from malware and cybercrime to a great extent.


These are some simple steps that you can implement right now, which will have long term benefits for you. Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry.








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