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You Have The Wrong Idea About Cyber-Crime: 5 Ways CyberCrime Takes Place

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For most of us, cybercrime involves hackers who need an immense amount of coding knowledge. Most of us also believe that we use only 10% of our brains…that’s right, both are false.

Here are a few ways cyber crime is committed easily:

1) Email Phishing: The simple spam emails that people warn you about is a form of cybercrime…yes, the ones where they guarantee you thousands of dollars and end up giving you nothing.

2) A Wrong Visit: Simply visiting a wrong or shady website can result in your computer being infected with malware. The malware hides itself in the computer, making it extremely difficult for you to find. You won’t even know that it’s there in the first place. It’s nearly impossible to find and remove, and can steal the information from your computer, as well as give the hacker access to the files in your computer. If you’re saving passwords unprotected, there’s worse that can happen to you thereafter.

3) Controlled Explosions: Certain viruses and worms are created with something called a ‘Logic Bomb’ which makes the virus or worm (which is now in a program) remain inactive until certain conditions are attained which trigger it to attack. A logic bomb is a simpler version of a virus. A logic bomb can be set to go off at a particular date/time, when no specified entry is made, and many are set to go off at a predetermined time or specific payload.

4) Hacking: This is our idea of cybercrime. A hacker, thousands of codes, the hacker accessing computer systems without permission from the rightful owner of the system. Most hackers have expertise in one particular software. Hackers usually carry out such activities for money and/or fame. Hackers, again, are not all bad as we may think they are. The hackers are classified into ‘white hat hackers’ (the good ones), ‘black hat hackers’ (bad guys) and ‘grey hat hackers’ (between good and bad)

5) DOS attack: Being the abbreviation of ‘Denial of Service’ attack, it refers to making services unavailable to the people. For example, if there’s a site offering a certain service, a DOS attacker will ping the server by sending massive amounts of traffic there till the site becomes inoperable and crashes or malfunctions temporarily.



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