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An important part of taking care of an organization’s security is thinking out of the box. Your job doesn’t require you to do the bare essentials, your job requires you to keep the company secure. You’re the main guy who takes care of it, and thus your job does not have a bare requirement from you. You have one task: Keep the organization secure with respect to the IT. It sounds like one job, yet it’s so complicated!

Honestly, your job is only properly done if you think out of the box. If you have a creative mind, your job isn’t really that difficult. However, today I’m going to be of assistance. If you’re having problems contemplating new situations your organization might face with respect to IT Security, I’m here to your rescue.

Now, you might have already thought of the problem. I doubt you have the solution though…If you already thought of a solution similar to what I’m going to tell you, hats off to you!

Today I’m going to tell you a little secret that will increase your organization’s security and decrease the costs. Sounds crazy awesome, right? Well you have it right here! Read on.

A lot of organizations have sensitive/confidential information traveling from one place to another. It’s necessary for business, there’s no way around it. So what most organizations do is, they have this information moved from one place to another in the hands of a trusted person, the most secure way possible. Such information may be transported in hard drives or pen drives. Now this is very, very costly, but it’s necessary! You have no option, right? WRONG! You do, and I’m going to tell you what your solution is: encryption.

Yes, encryption. You have heard of it. You have data encrypted on computers, protected computers, and so on. If you’re an IT security head, you’re familiar with the term “encryption”. Getting encryption on hard drives and pen drives? It’s not much heard of, but it exists! It very much exists.

There are a lot of encrypted hard drives and pen drives available in the market. The level of encryption is high, and it’s protected by the password system (that’s the most common). Now, don’t be fooled by the simplicity of accessing the information. Entering a simple password might sound simple, but a hacker would really have to rack his brains if he doesn’t know the password to the device, and he’d still have a hard time accessing that information!

Okay, that’s for normal hard drives and pen drives available in the market. That’s all well and good, but I’m going to give you some more information that would be very beneficial on an organizational level. The Datalocker pen drives and hard drives that my company supplies, are of one of the highest levels of k1encryption that exists in the world till date. And that’s not it, even physically, it’s made tough for rough and rugged use. Yeah, it’ll survive. Trust me. It’s solid. Is that it? NO, it’s not over yet! Datalocker products support a software called SafeConsole (license available separately) through which you can remotely track your drives, remotely wipe the data, see what’s being copied on and removed from your hard drives. This means you have full control of the hard drive even when It’s away from you! Isn’t that crazy awesome?datalocker_dl3_900x900 You can check our website for more information on this (

This was just one example of what thinking out of the box looks like. If you’re not doing this already, you must begin! It’s an important part of dealing with cybersecurity. Dealing with Cybercrime has a certain sense of uncertainty, and that requires you to think of every attack in every way possible, and make provisions to prevent it. You may think that’s too much of a task, you may think “if it has to happen, it’ll happen” which is the mentality of a lot of people, which is right in its own way, but it’s not a reason for you to drop everything and leave it to luck.

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