We, RankSecure,  represent Datalocker USA ( a world leader in Military grade encrypted manageable storage devices.

Datalocker range of devices includes high tech Un-hackable End point devices like Encrypted External Hard Drives and Encrypted External Pen drive.  Importantly, these devices are centrally manageable:  they can be monitored, configured, audited and even killed remotely, if required. Besides this, Datalocker solutions include Portblocker and SafeCrypt, a cloud encryption solution.


Military Grade Encryption gives you total protection,

Central Management gives you total control.

Together they ensure that you data can never be misused!


70% of the Fortune 100 use DataLocker solutions. Over 250,000 users worldwide including Total Oil and Chevron. Our products are sold in over 35 countries of the world.


Datalocker’s list of customers include Lockheed Martin, US Homeland dept, NASA, US Navy, US Coast Guard, General Dynamics, Coca Cola, Walt Disney, British Council , KPMG, Dell and many others.

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Security in the palm of your handsProducts & Solutions

Hardware Devices


Military Grade Encrypted USB Pen Drive  with OLED Screen & Keypad  – Sentry K300 Encrypted Micro SSD


This is the world’s most advanced SECURE encrypted USB Flash Drive.  It comes with an OLED Screen and a Keypad.

It is platform independent and OS independent and has a host of other features.



Military Grade Encrypted USB Pen Drive – SentryOne  from Datalocker USA


A Secure Encrypted Flash Device which is FIPS Certified, not only for the Encryption but also for the casing.

A powerful device to keep your data safe and also mobile, if required.


Military Grade Encrypted USB Hard Drive  with Touch Screen- DL3 from Datalocker USA


A very advanced Secure Hard Drive with various features like rotating keypad, brute force protection and many other features.


IronKey Encrypted Military Grade hard disk drive

Datalocker has bought over Ironkey and IronKey is now sold under the Datalocker Brand Name.  A secure Hard drive with Aluminium Enclosure for physical safety.


Software Solutions 


Central Encryption Management System – Safeconsole from Datalocker-USA


-A unique solution which allows you to inventory, audit, manage and even remotely kill the encrypted endpoints!

-It is available in a Cloud or an On-Premise version.


Portblocker from Datalocker – Maintain full control of your USB ports


Portblocker is a software solution which allows you to manage your USB Ports on your network.


Information about Portblocker:

Datasheet/ Brochure for Portblocker

Portblocker Admin Guide


SafeCrypt Managed Cloud Encryption Gateway / Encrypted Virtual Drive.


Introduction: SafeCrypt Managed is a storage agnostic, cross-platform compatible encrypted virtual drive that provides a layer of AES 256-bit encryption for your data no matter where you store it. By establishing a virtual drive, using SafeCrypt Managed, files are encrypted at your desktop and stored on your preferred storage endpoint fully secured allowing users to take control of their encryption.

For more information, kindly click on the link below:



Benefits and features:

-An Encrypted Virtual Drive platform where users are in control of their own encryption

-Enter your password and drag and drop files into the virtual drive letter

-Safe from Ransomware attacks (these attacks scan your local drive for popular used file types and then encrypts them, your sensitive files are already   encrypted and cannot be identified)

-Military grade encryption

-Encryption engine is FIPS 140-2 certified using OpenSSL certificate #2768

-All encryption is done locally, even if cloud storage servers get hacked, your data is safe.

-Central Management

-Inventory, audit and control all your SafeCrypt Managed endpoints from a central console.

-Keep track of your users and their whereabouts.

-Audit the file activities of all your users.

-Remotely control access to user files by performing disable, kill and password recovery actions.

Example real world use cases:

  • Add a portable private file vault to Sentry ONE hardware encrypted drives
  • Add client-side encryption to legacy applications by directing the application to r/w to the SafeCrypt drive. GDPR compliance in a box.

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