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Passwords – Why Your Data Is At Risk

By March 5, 2017 One Comment
Keeping a strong password is essential for online security. You may not know the consequences of keeping a weak password as of now, but you will after reading this post.
Why Keep a Strong Password?
You might find it irritating to enter a password every single time you try to login to your email ID, or any other web-based server, but it’s an integral part of your account security.
Without a password, anyone would be able to access your account and your information…
Believe it or not, they still can today, even after you’ve set up your password.
It’s because your password is weak.
For example, if your email ID is ‘‘ and your password is ‘johnathan123’, it is considered a weak password.
That’s because it’s not only very common, it’s easily guessable. Even your friends and colleagues can guess this password.
With the increasing cybercrime rates today, keeping a password like ‘johnathan270’ is also unsafe. There are innumerable ways that hackers can get this password.
Thus, setting up a strong password is very important.
How Do I Set Up a Strong Password?
There are a number of simple steps you can implement now, that will increase your security by 50%. They are:
1) Include Numbers, Symbols, Upper Case Letters, Lower Case letters.
2) Your password should be at least 10-14 characters.
3) You should prevent words that make sense as much as possible.
4) Nowadays, two-step verification services are offered by many of these sites. It involves linking your phone number to your account, while having the username and password. This ensures optimum security.
How to Keep this Password Safe?
Now you’ve made a password, and you’ve noted it down somewhere, but keeping it safe is an issue. Anyone can find your notebook. Even if you hide it in the most secure place you know, there’s possibilities of people finding it.
Keeping note of passwords on a cloud server?
Well, just in case you didn’t know, cloud servers also get hacked, and a lot of important data is lost.
The most secure option for keeping your passwords safe is this:
Investing in a DataLocker or Ranksecure product.
It’s because these drives are 256-BIT AES encrypted, which even advanced hackers have not been able to crack…
What’s more, these drives are portable and the flash drives can fit in your pocket.
Now you can carry your list of passwords anywhere, and even if your drive falls in the wrong hands, you will be sure that your data is secure.
Suggested products for this purpose are the RankSecure MyPortableVault or PocketRocket.

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