Solutions for Media

In all media-related industries, creativity is the basis of the organization.

Whether it’s a news channel or a DJ, every organization in the entertainment and news industry deals with confidential data….whether it’s a music track, a TV episode, a film or breaking news.

Datalocker Solutions are ideal for the Media industry

  • To protect your IPR
  • To store your important data, movies, music etc
  • To protect your work -in -progress whether it is a film, tv serial or any creative project.
  • to carry your important data safely when you travel.
  • to keep your creative content safe from being stolen/ hacked /falling into the wrong hands.
  • To store your important passwords and other documents.

Benefits of DataLocker Encrypted External Hard Drives

Easy to Setup, Manage, and Use
Users love DataLocker’s hardware based encrypted external hard drives because there’s nothing to install or configure. Users simply connect, touch in the password and go to work.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
With nothing to install, it’s easy and cost effective to deploy DataLocker drives for all employees (even temporary or seasonal workers) and partners. With very little training or customer support overhead, DataLocker encrypted external hard drives are an inexpensive way to secure data at rest.

Superior Security
DataLocker encrypted external hard drives protect against even the most sinister threats, including malware, brute force attacks, key loggers and even shoulder hacks. The “Self Destruct” feature is a defense against brute force password hack attempts. DataLocker encrypted external hard drives perform this by “zeroizing” all the device’s encryption keys once a pre-set number of failed login attempts is reached. Once the encryption key is deleted, the data can not be recovered.

Regulatory Compliance
DataLocker is an instant, cost-effective way to comply with HIPAA, SOX, DHS Initiatives, NRC, GLB and any other directive that requires data encryption.