Here’s a video that gives you an introduction to DataLocker’s products and solutions

What are Datalocker Products & Solutions?

DataLocker is a leader in encryption technology for external USB devices.

Datalocker offerings are of two types:

  • Completely Secure Military Grade Encrypted Hard Drives & Pen Drives
  • Software for Remotely Managing, auditing and even killing ( if required)  these encrypted devices.

DataLocker Secure Military Grade Encrypted Devices

Sentry One Pen Drive

Sentry K300 Pen Drive/SSD

DL3 Hard Drive

IronKey Hard Drive

DataLocker Central Management & Other Solutions

SafeConsole Central Management Solution

PortBlocker USB Port Blocking Solution

SafeCrypt Virtual Data Encryption

Target Customers

Watch this video for a better understanding of the target market for the product
  • Corporate Sector
  • Defence Sector
  • Individuals/Small Business
  • Media/TV/Movie Industry
  • BFSI Sector
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • R&D
  • Other industries

DataLocker Customers