There are only two types of companies

those that have been hacked

           and those that will be                 

 Robert Mueller – FBI Director



We welcome you to this new and exciting business opportunity.

What is in it for you?

  • An exciting and new product line which does not have comparable competition
  • Products and Solutions from a US company Datalocker, which is a world leader in its field
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  • A chance to enter the lucrative and fast growing IT security business, the business which is expected to be one of the fastest growing business in the future.
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Security in the palm of your hands


What are Datalocker Products & Solutions.

DataLocker is a leader in encryption technology for external USB devices.

Datalocker offerings are of two types:

  • Completely Secure Military Grade Encrypted Hard Drives & Pen Drives
  • Software for Remotely Managing, auditing and even killing ( if required)  these encrypted devices.


Datalocker Hardware Devices and Software Solutions :  About selling them

Datalocker Hardware Devices can be sold separately without software or can be sold with software.

Datalocker hardware devices can be sold to individuals, small business, professionals, corporates, defence organisations, government and almost anywhere.

Datalocker software solutions will only be required where they need to remotely control & centrally manage these devices from their office.

Typically Datalocker software solutions are bought by organisations who deploy 25 hardware devices or more.  ( customers can buy with even 5 devices but that normally does not happen)

The more the devices deployed, the higher the probability that the customer will buy the software solution.  Eg, a 20 device deployment may or may not buy but a 50, 100, 500 or 1000 device deployment would surely buy.

Who can use these devices and what can it be used for?

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For individuals/small businesspersons

For Media/TV/Movie Industry

For Defence Organisations

For Corporates

For BFSI Sector

Other Industries


If you would like to understand more about encryption, please click  https://ranksecure.in/about-encryption/  or to see a video, click on https://youtu.be/U2QMjLdUQSo

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About Datalockerdl-weblogo-250x63_opt

DataLocker is a leader in encryption technology for external USB devices.

DataLocker provides easy to use, cost effective, military grade data encryption solutions to enterprises around the world.

70% of Fortune 100 companies trust DataLocker.

Datalocker products and solutions are also used by NASA, NATO, Homeland Security, US Army, US Air force, US Federal Reserve ,US Coast guard and many more.

DataLocker has 2,50,000 users worldwide and sold in over 35 countries.

Headquartered in the USA, all their products are made in the USA to ensure complete security & worldwide acceptance for their devices & solutions


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 About RankSecure.   

RankSecure is the India partner for Datalocker.

Rank Computers is based out of Mumbai and is a very reputed company with a great track record.

Known for its ethical & fair dealings, Rank is the ideal partner when you dealing which are simple, clean and above board.


Datalocker Hardware Devices


         Hard Drive Model: DL3                 Hard Drive Model: Ironkey             Pen Drive Model:Sentry One          Pen Drive Model: K300


Datalocker makes Military Grade Encrypted USB Hard drives and Pen Drives.

Military grade (without going into technicality)  means that the level of security is so high that once the data is copied on these devices, the data is  completely safe and cannot be hacked thus offering 100% protection for the data.

Encrypted means that the data is saved in an unreadable  format into these devices

USB Pen Drives and Hard Drives means that they have USB ports and are external.

So if we put it all together, it would mean that these devices are amongst the most secure devices in the world to store your data to protect it and not allow anyone to access it under almost any circumstances.

And best of all, these are as easy to use & as fast and as any normal external hard drive or pen drive.

So it offers ease of use for the user with military grade protection and encryption to provide 100% security for his data.

Please note that these devices can be used as they are without the need to use them along with the software mentioned below.

That means that you can sell only the devices or you can sell these devices along with the software.

Key Features- DataLocker Military Grade Secure Encrypted Pen Drives & Hard Drives_page-0001 (1)

Datalocker Software Solutions


What makes Datalocker offering special is that these devices can be remotely & centrally managed through an Encryption Management Solution which allows all these devices, wherever they may be deployed in the world: to be centrally audited, managed, inventoried and if required, even killed.

Datalocker has three software solutions namely:


SAFECONSOLE – Central Encryption Management Solution

PORTBLOCKER –  solution for blocking USB port on devices on a network

SAFECRYPT  –   Solution for encrypting data before syncing on cloud.  It is also one of the safest way to protect your data from Ransomware.



Key Features-DataLocker Central or Remote Management Solution_page-0001 (2)

Video links for SafeConsole Central Management Solution

Link to short explanatory video about SafeConsole:


Link to Detailed explanatory video about SafeConsole:



Video links for Portblocker Software Solution

Link to short explanatory video about Portblocker: 


Link to Detailed explanatory video about Portblocker:



Video links for SafeCrypt Encrypted Virtual Drive Solution

Link to short explanatory video about SafeCrypt: 


Link to Detailed explanatory video about SafeCrypt:




Who can use these devices and what can it be used for?                                    

For individuals/small businesspersons                                       <Go back on top>

Every person can be a potential customer if he can be made to understand how these devices can save him from loss of data and the resultant stress, loss of time, loss of money & at times loss of reputation.

Individuals and small businesspersons can use it to :

  1. Securely store your passwords.
  2. Securely store scan copies of important documents like passport, Aadhar card, PAN card, driving license, birth certificates, mark sheets.
  3. Writers can use to store & secure their manuscripts, Video makers their videos, & all other creative people can use to store their creations
  4. Professionals like Architects can use to secure their drawings, designs, plans etc.
  5. Securely store scan copies of legal documents like agreements, MOU’s, share certificates, land records, deeds and more.
  6. Securely store Investment records / details, financial data and other money related details.
  7. Securely store Precious family photographs and videos of near and dear ones.
  8. Medical records
  9. Consultants can securely store their project reports, research and more.
  10. Businesspersons can store & secure their Tally data, confidential price list, quotes etc.
  11. R& D organisations can securely store their research and findings,
  12. CA’s can use it to fetch & move Client accounting data from Clients office to their office and vice versa.
  13. Lawyers can use it to store the confidential details of their cases
  14. Money Lenders can use it to securely keep a record of their transactions.
  15. Finance brokers and investment advisors can use it to keep details of their upcoming confidential deals and arrangements.
  16. Small business can use to store their scan copies of their audited balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other business records.

And the list goes on.


For Media/TV/Movie Industry                             <Go back on Top>

This industry has been a victim of Cybercrime and some companies like Sony have lost money and reputation in the bargain.  They need to ensure that their Movie/TV serial is protected before it is released and not hacked or stolen.

Movie and TV companies can use Datalocker at the site where they are shooting, they can copy the raw video footage on to Datalocker Hard Drives and then this is transported to the editing studio where it is edited.  From there it is again sent by Datalocker Hard Drives to the next stage and so on and so forth till the final stage thus preventing it from being stolen or hacked.

They will buy the devices and the software solution as they would like to centrally monitor what is being copied in and out of the device and where.


For Defence Organisations                          <Go back on Top>

 By its very nature, organisations in the Defence sector have confidential data and Datalocker devices and solutions is amongst the very best way to secure their data.

Note that US Army, US Air force, NASA, NATO, US Homeland Security, US Coast Guard and many more trust Datalocker Devices and Solutions.

Also since these hardware devices and software solutions are made in the USA (& not in China or other countries), the acceptance by our defence establishment for these devices will be very high.


For Corporates                            <Go back on Top>

 Wherever Companies have:

  1. people on the move, whether sales or technical or others
  2. Need to share data securely amongst themselves
  3. Need to store sensitive data very securely
  4. Need to transport any data securely from one location to the other

they can be prospective customers for Datalocker Products and Solutions.  And most companies will buy both the devices and the software solution.

For BFSI Sector                       <Go back on Top>

 The finance industry is a good target audience for Datalocker Products and Services.  They have lots of confidential data and they know the value of this and are willing to pay for security of their important data.


Other Industries                     <Go back on Top>

Almost any industry would have some areas of their operations where they would welcome the use of such devices and software solutions.


Orientation, Familiarization & Training for You and your team.

These products and solutions are easy to understand and present to your customer.

We will be more than happy to provide you with Orientation, Familiarization & Training as and when required.


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