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5 Ways of Keeping Cloud Data Safe

Although cloud servers give assurance that your data will be safe, and offer encryption, there have been cases where cloud servers have been hacked and data has been leaked.

There have been cases where cloud data has been accessed by people’s own family members or friends because they left it open. The smallest of mistakes could have huge impacts on your data and your life.

For that reason, here are a few tips to keep your cloud data secure:


1.  Keep it simple: Without complicating things, the very first stage of protecting your data is setting a strong password. It’s useless to take advanced protection methods when your password, the fundamental key to data protection, is weak. Learn how to set a strong password here.


2. If one, why not two? Everyone has to set up a password which they remember to access the cloud data. However, today, many of such online cloud servers are offering two-factor authentication just to be safe, knowing that it’s you. It could simply be mobile verification or a personal question.


3. A Strong Password, A Weak Memory: Well, you may have set up a strong password, but keeping the password in mind can be a problem for quite a few people. A lot of people have passwords on innumerable sites, and we store our password list somewhere. Well, if it’s on your computer, or in a notepad that lies on your desk, it’s easily accessible. Be extremely careful of where you note down your passwords for all your websites.


4. You Don’t Even Know: You don’t even know…how hackers can access your cloud data. A simple virus or malware hidden in your computer can record your login information when you log into your cloud server. Therefore, every user should install one of the many anti-virus softwares available for their computer.


5. Your Daily Companion Can Mark Your Fate: Your phone…you access your cloud data through your smartphone…everyone has a smartphone nowadays…but here’s how a smartphone makes your data extremely vulnerable:

  • If your mobile is stolen, your data as well, can be easily stolen. Your phone’s in-built unlock password protection can be bypassed. Want to know how? Just google it. There are tons of videos explaining how to escape having to enter the password…and many of them surprisingly actually work.
  • Not only the above, but a lot of people install various applications on their phones without checking the permissions…thus, they end up giving access to a lot more than what the application really requires.
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